Sweeter Bible Study Journal | Coloring | Reading Plan

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Do you long to have a vibrant fellowship with God?

✅ Do you put off Bible study feeling that you don’t have enough time?

✅ Have you struggled to know how to study?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then this printable Sweeter Than Honey Bible Study Journal Bundle is for you. This Journal is a Bible study tool to help you slow down and really listen for what God is speaking to your heart as you read and study His Word.

Using this Journal you will be able to spend as little as 15 minutes a day in your quiet time and still come away refreshed and filled with the joy of your Lord!

🌸 3 COLOR VARIATIONS! Choose from Lilac, Blush, & Teal.

🌸 This is a stand-alone Bible Study Journal for studying any scripture or book of the Bible, but is also designed to be used as a companion Journal for the LDN Online Bible Studies.


This 38-page feature-packed Bible study journal bundle comes with clear instructions to help you learn how to use the worksheets, study the Bible, and apply it to your life.  And thereby have a closer walk with God!  

The One Year Bible Reading Plan lets you read daily from the Old & New Testament, Psalms & Proverbs. Or use the Bible Reading Checklist to help you keep track of wherever you decide to read in God's Word.

Using the variety of 16 study sheets you will be able to study and record what you learn about passages as large as a book of the Bible or as small as a single word. There are also 2 character study sheets to fill in when taking a closer look at the lives of the many people in scripture.

You might like to use the Notes page to jot down your thoughts about the verses as you read a passage. And then decide which verse(s) you want to focus on for further study and then go on to use one of the other study sheets (Verse, Word, Chapter, Book, Bible, Character). You can choose also between the guided Bible Study sheets, the mapping pages, or the dot paper pages!

This printable bundle also includes 5 Scripture Coloring Pages, Verse Cards to write out your favorite verses from your reading, a Bible Study Color Code Bookmark, a Scripture Wall Art, and binder tabs for creating a beautiful binder to keep your journal organized. 

🌸 You will receive a document containing the link to this Journal download.

For personal use only.


No Refunds will be issued as this is a digital product.

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You'll get...

~ One Year Bible Reading Plan
~ Bible Reading Checklist
~ 4 H.E.A.R. Bible Study Sheets & Instructions
~ Word Study Worksheet
~ Verse Mapping Worksheet
~ 2 Character Study Worksheets
~ Book Study Worksheet
~ Bible Study Worksheet
~ Notes Study Worksheet
~ 3 Dot Pages Study Worksheets
~ 2 Favorite Verses Pages/Verse Cards
~ Bible Study Color Code Bookmark
~ 15 Notebook Binder Tabs
~ 5 Scripture Coloring Pages
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Sweeter Bible Study Journal | Coloring | Reading Plan

0 ratings
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