Soul Winning Guided Bible Study | Personal Evangelism

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Discipleship Material on Soul Winning!

Completely FREE for Churches!

Do you and/or your church family...

have loved ones who need salvation before it's too late?

long to share Jesus and the way to Heaven with others?

have questions and need a little help to know how?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then this Through Open Doors - Digital Study Bundle is for you. This bundle includes the pdf of the book, Through Open Doors: Unlocking the Mystery of Soul Winning*, and the Gospel Message bookmark in 3 colors.

As the subtitle of the book indicates, this book/workbook combination will unlock the mystery of soul-winning for you and/or your church family. And give you the confident faith and a guided plan needed for sharing the gospel message with others!

Inside the book you will find...

  • Soul winning promises
  • Conversation starters
  • My gospel plan – the whole conversation!
  • Step by step instructions for sharing each point of the gospel
  • Lessons learned over 25 years of soul winning
  • Workbook style with space to personalize your own plan
  • And so much more!

This 140-page book is formatted to print double-sided and to allow for hole punches and binding in your preferred manner.

You will receive a document containing the link to this Soul Winning Bundle download. Allow around 15 minutes for processing and delivery of your download link email.

*The paperback and Kindle eBook formats of this book are sold on Amazon.

PERMISSIONS - This product is for personal use only.

The pdf files may NOT be shared.


*This pdf version of the book Through Open Doors is completely FREE for CHURCHES. Simply apply the coupon code you received from me when you registered your church.

As this is a copyrighted work, each church is here given my express permission to download and print as many copies as needed for their congregation.

While the files may not be shared, please DO share the below link to the book on my site with any sister churches you know, so that they may "register" for their own coupon code and free downloadable pdf file.


While the files may not be shared, individuals who purchase this pdf bundle may also print as many copies as they'd like for personal use only.

May the Lord greatly bless you in your efforts to become the soul winner you long to be!


*No refunds will be issued, as this is a Digital Product.

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You'll get...

153 KB
Download Instructions
1-page pdf
Through Open Doors: Unlocking the Mystery of Soul Winning pdf
3-The Gospel Message bookmarks
My Testimony Worksheet
8-Gospel Plan Worksheets
Soul Winning Promises
20-chapters with study questions
...and so much more!
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Soul Winning Guided Bible Study | Personal Evangelism

0 ratings
I want this!